Infi-90 DCS Simulator

Click here to download a Microsoft Power Point slideshow of the Infi-90 DCS simulator

Our latest endeavor teams us up with Microfusion Inc. of Alpharetta Georgia to provide a Simulator which can process real Infi-90 Configuration Files.  Currently released, this product will revolutionize operator training. 

Features include:

  1. Able to execute multiple REAL CFG Files saved with any ABB Software
  2. Able to simulate Super Loop Traffic (ie.  AI/L, DI/L, AI/B and DI/B blocks properly import values from other modules!)
  3. Provides a TCP/IP Server port for monitoring through RCAD 4.0 client software
  4. Simulates an ICI03 CIU through multiple serial ports and SCSI.
  5. Capable of being connected to PC-View®, Conductor®, Operate IT® or ANY operator console for operator control
  6. Edit Configuration Files on the fly.
  7. Add, Delete and modify blocks!
  8. Perform online configuration changes!
  9. Simulate Field I/O in real world engineering units, not 4-20 mA.
  10. Uses a database structure to simulate Field I/O.
  11. Extremely user friendly process simulator editing suite (Think-90) permits building process models easily.
  12. Save and load process "Snapshots".
  13. Fully Compatible with any Serial or SCSI operator console


Simulator snapshots:

Main interface of CFG Simulator

This is a picture of the main window showing a project of 5 modules currently being simulated.  The configuration files are stored and executed in the Gray child windows.  Details of the configuration files can be edited by clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon on each CFG file.


It's all about the Fidelity

The fidelity of a simulator refers to the number of points that are being simulated.

High Fidelity simulators have the ability to simulate every point in a plant site whereas low fidelity simulators will only simulate a small section of your plant site.