Android software for field service

Remote Android Configuration Loading Program (RACLP)

Have complete control of your DCS at your fingertips via your mobile device.  Change Module Mode.  Saving and writing of module CFG and NBS files.  Online and offline configuration.  Individual block manipulation (Reading, Writing, Tuning and Deleting blocks).  Also interpret module status bytes and problem reports.  Full functionality of modern software in the palm of your hand.

           Very Affordable with multiple clients at a single site.

           Supports Android Tablets and Smart Phones

           Compatible with ALL Network-90, Infi-90 and Symphony+ Modules


Figure 1:  Changing the mode of a selected module

RACLP Client in Action


Figure 2:  Modifying a block from a module in config mode.

Individual Block editing screen


Figure 3:  Online configuration routine where the LED's blink in real time.

Online CFG Screen



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This tool is going to revolutionize modern DCS maintenance.  Have instant access to the programming parameters of your system at your fingertips.


RACLP Online Help.