RLAD Ladder Logic Editor   

Older users who still use Ladder Logic can now rest easier with our Ladder Logic Editor.

Fully compatible with SLAD files (*.LAD), users can now edit their module configurations and still hyperlink to CAD drawings and SODG Displays.

Utilizing the Windows Interface, users will find our editor much more user friendlier than the old DOS SLAD software.

RLAD Ladder Logic Editor


  1. Monitoring
  2. Tuning
  3. Hyperlinking to and From CAD drawings and Graphic Displays
  4. Easy to configure and edit using a true windows interface
  5. Compile into CFG files instantly
  6. Quickly look up block output tags (alphabetical search by typing first few letters of block output tag)
  7. Fully compatible with SLAD files (*.LAD)
  8. Prints to any type of printer putting as many rungs as it can per page (no longer just 1 rung per page).  Uses approximately 1/10 number of pages that SLAD uses.

Did you know:

The old SLAD software would print a hardcopy of the configuration printing 1 page per ladder rung.

RLAD compresses the hardcopy by fitting as many rungs as it can per page resulting in 90% less paper used.