Module Configuration Amalgamation

Upgrading old COM, LMM and MFC Infi-90 based Modules to MFP / BRC platforms.

Users of old Infi-90 and Net-90 modules wishing to upgrade their system to modern MFP or BRC controllers will understand that this is a HUGE undertaking to get a valid configuration into a new MFP / BRC while maintaining the control strategy of the existing system in place.  With our services, this can become a reality with a quick turnover time.

Key Benefits

  1. Automatically provide old and new sets of programming documentation.
  2. If upgrading from COM modules, no field wiring changes required.  Simply replace each COM module with a Control Input Slave (CIS).  Our software takes care of the rest.
  3. Automatically change key function codes to MFP compliant function codes (ie.  COM Station Blocks FC's 21, 22 & 23 to FC 80).
  4. Automatically update any adaptive tuning algorithms.
  5. Eliminates COM module block overlaps by automatically renumbering blocks.
  6. Automatically sets up CIS slave definitions and removes old COM module I/O blocks.
  7. Automatically removes AI/L, DI/L, AI/B and DI/B blocks and replaces them with standard cross reference bubbles where needed.
  8. Client is left with a set of documentation that can be compiled in seconds into a new configuration and placed inside the module.
  9. Saves hundreds of Engineering Hours to accomplish.


COM Module Amalgamation

Can combine up to 38 COM modules into one MFP module.  Replace old COM modules with CIS slaves.

LMM, MFC and MPC Amalgamation

Depending upon the original configurations, users may combine 4 or 5 MFC type modules, 10 to 20 LMM modules together

Tag Database enhancements

A Database is created which will indicate old block addresses and new block addresses.  Useful for making changes to the Operator Tag Database


Reference Accounts

Virginia Power Inc.  Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia Power Inc. were faced with the task of upgrading all their Infi-90 controlled power stations in a short period of time.  Without these services, this feat could not have been accomplished.

What's Involved with this?????

If you think about the amount of work to combine modules, users will probably give up when they realize that:

1.  Block numbers need to be renumbered.

2.  AI/B, DI/B, AI/L and DI/L blocks may need to be removed and replaced with normal Cross Reference Bubbles.

3.  Station blocks may need to be redefined (ie, FC 21, 22 and 23 that work with COM modules, won't work in MFC, MFP or BRC Modules).

4.  Adapt blocks need to change their specifications to point to renumbered blocks.

5.  Tag Databases need to be updated to reflect new block addresses.



And we use the CAD drawings to accomplish this resulting in a compilable set of drawings for the new configurations.

And ...

We normally save hundreds of hours of work doing this.