Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  What are the minimum system requirements to install RCAD 4.0

A.  RCAD 4.0 will install on Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0 / Millennium / Windows 2000 / Windows XP (Both Pro and Home) / Windows Vista (All Versions) and Windows 7 (32 Bit & 64 Bit) and Windows 8.  Intel Based Pentium Processor (At Core I5 or Better), 2 GB RAM, and 100 MB Free Hard Disk Space on your C: Drive.  Network Interface card is required and TCP/IP MUST be installed in the Operating System. Graphics colour set to 32 Bits - 1024 X 768 Minimum Resolution.

Q.  My RCAD Software is returning a DLL Error on Windows XP that looks like this:

A.  This error only applies to Windows XP users (Both Professional and Home Versions).  On February 13, 2007, Microsoft issued a security patch (#928843) which had a major bug in it.  There is a Web Site at Microsoft for the explanation of this error.  C.A.R. Systems Ltd. is not responsible for this error.  After following the instructions posted on the Microsoft Web Site, the RCAD software will run properly.   To fix this error, security patch # 935448 must be installed on your computer.  To do this, simply go to the Microsoft Web Site and scroll down until you see the "Resolution Section" and choose "Method 3".  Or you can simply download the patch and run it by right clicking here and selecting "Save Target As..".

Q.  When running RCAD on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7, the an error message pops up the first time I run the RCAD 4.0 Client like the following:

A.  To fix this, the user MUST be logged into Windows as an Administrator.  (Note:  Users logged in as a Power User do not have Administrator rights and this error will occur). 

Also, users who use Windows 7 should turn UAC (User Authority Control) off.

Then Uninstall the RCAD software and Install it again. Keep UAC off for normal use of RCAD.

Note:  If this message is still being displayed, then right click the RCAD 4.0 Client and select "Run as Administrator".  There will be a command window opened and displayed briefly and the DLL file should be registered properly.  Close off the RCAD 4.0 Client and run the RCAD 4.0 Client again but this time run it normally by double clicking it.  The message box should not appear.


Q.  My copy of RCAD won't allow me to update via the internet.  It says my subscription is invalid?

A.  Try downloading this file and saving it in your REVCADW Folder.  Then run the update routine again.  If it still says it is invalid, then contact C.A.R. Systems Ltd.  Your yearly update subscription may need to be paid in full.