RCAD Client

The Client Software is the workhorse of the RCAD suite. 

The RCAD Client allows users to quickly access all the features of normal CADEWS, Wintools and Composer file editing including an easy to use interface, point and click editing of drawings and online protocols for online programming.

Key Benefits

Feature      Description

System Administrator's Database

RCAD will now record all user actions which result in any block being changed in the DCS.  The database will record:

1.  Who did the change
2.  On what computer the change was made
3.  The date and time the change was made
4.  The block address (and spec) that was changed.
5.  The drawing file affected.

Administrator's can now query this database to track an individual's actions based on name, date, or block address or any combination of the 3.

Support for 800XA Harmony I/O Blocks.

RCAD 4.0 now supports all Harmony I/O Blocks (FC 221 -229).  Harmony I/O Character String Specs are now fully supported in RCAD 4.0.  Uploading / Downloading, Compiling, Editing CAD drawings are fully operational with all Harmony I/O Blocks.

Tag Database Utilities

Easily import Tag Information from PCView, Conductor NT, PGP, OIS or Process Portal B.  RCAD uses a high speed database now for displaying and editing all TAG information from a new Tag Database program as well as directly inside the CAD drawings.  When creating new Programming Logic, new tag information can be quickly added.  Export information from the RCAD database for easy importing back into operator consoles.  The RCAD Database can import 2 or more Tag Databases at a time.  Find any tag based on Tag Index, Tag Name or Block Address and automatically display the tag in our CAD Editor.

Text Database Utilities

Quickly scan all CAD drawings for all types of displayable text.  Perform advanced SQL queries for any text and immediately display the text in our CAD Editor.  Replace any text in the CAD drawings (as well as replace user shapes and borders instantly!)

Function Block Utilities

Perform SQL operations for searching for free blocks.  When adding new configurations in CAD drawings, this database acts as a background function block map informing the user if a block has already been used in a another CAD drawing for the module.  Our CAD Editor now tracks users movement of blocks and maintains the database automatically with each movement of the mouse.  Quickly find any block in any module.

Cross Reference Utilities

Automatically setup and maintain Cross Reference information in a single table.  Perform SQL Searches on the database to find matching Cross Reference bubbles in CAD Drawings.  Click on a Cross Reference bubble and view the connecting references - double click results to automatically load CAD drawing zoomed to matching references.

CAD Binding routine with or without spec changeCAD Binding routine with or without spec change

Unique two pass binding routine automatically sets internal specifications on bus and loop importing blocks based upon cross referencing descriptor text.  Works with Function Codes 25, 26, 41, 42, 45, 63, 64, 121, 122, 178, 212. Does not require users to compile and generate LST files for other modules.  Bind your entire project, a single loop or a single PCU Cabinet quickly.  Binding routine may also be set to report where changes are required without altering internal specifications.

Trending of PID and Smith Preditor blocks

Users may trend the PV, SP and CO of PID blocks (FC 19 and 156) and the Smith Predictor block (FC 160) for tuning purposes right from the CAD drawing.  Permits identifying the associated control station block for turning the programming loop from Auto to Manual mode, changing the SP and CO (CO Output change only in Manual Mode.)  Store up to 24 hours of data, scroll backwards in time and perform bump test to optimize tuning parameters.  An Excellent Utility for loop tuning.

Trending of any block output

Users may trend up to 8 points and up to 8 trends simultaneously.  Printing and archiving of data permitting viewing of archived data, automatic determination of minimum and maximum values as well as exporting all data to Excel Spreadsheets.

Backup and Restore project files to ZIP Archive

Project can now be backed up into a ZIP file by the simple click of a button.  Enables users to save their projects for archiving purposes.  Fully compatible with Winzip or PKZIP software.

Superior Monitoring of CAD Drawings

Monitor points for all Block Outputs, Input Specs and Cross Reference signals.  Balloon popup help by simply moving mouse over any monitoring point to see the point details.  Monitor multiple CAD drawings simultaneously.

Wintools import utility

Automatically import Wintools projects and files in seconds.  Capable of importing all or part of an existing Wintools project.  Automatically sets up projects, copies libraries, Module header files, CAD drawings etc.  100% compatible with Wintools.>/span>

Superior block location

Find a block ANYWHERE on any CAD Drawing.  Block browsing permits users to identify block input specs, double click the values and automatically call up the connecting block.

True CAD Rubber Banding

Move a block and the connecting lines go with it.  Users will see the lines move as the blocks are moved!

Superior Verification Utilities

Verify CAD drawings to CFG files or CFG to CFG file.  CAD Drawing verification goes beyond what Wintools and Composer does by verifying not only the blocks and specifications, but also the cross referencing and line connections.  Instantly hyperlink to the CAD drawings by double clicking any error messages displayed to quickly solve the problem.  If you receive a message that your drawings have passed our verification routine, then you can be guaranteed that the module will recompile 100% correctly to a new CFG file that will verify against the original CFG file error free.

Block address manager

Quickly display and compare the used blocks of any module in an easy to read grid.  Compare to existing CFG files to find missing blocks.

2 cross referencing modes

By using either Strict or Relaxed rules, RCAD can cross reference CAD drawings using the same standards as Wintools or Composer.  Composer requires that each output reference be unique.  The Strict Setting in RCAD mimics this.  The Relaxed Setting permits users to cross reference correctly even if control logic has been duplicated (or copied) from one module to another and will not display duplicate output reference errors.

CFG File Editor

Add, Delete, Copy and Paste blocks easily.  Quickly view block useage map in an easy to interpret grid.  Compatible with DOS CADEWS, Wintools and Composer CFG file formats.

Module Compatibility

  • Complete programming and communications support for the following types of modules:

AMM01-03, BRC100-410, CBC01, CLC01-04, COM01-04, CSC01, HAC01, LMM01-02, MFC01-05, MFP01-03, MPC01, SLC01-02




We are listening:

Any registered user of RCAD requesting a new feature be added will be given the utmost of assurance that we will work on it. 

95 % of the time, we can add a requested feature within 24 hours of requesting it.  By discussing the needs of the end user, our software benefits not only the individual who requested the feature, but ALL users by instantly posting updates to the internet!