RCAD Server

The RCAD server utilizes TCP/IP technology to connect RCAD clients to the DCS to allow monitoring, uploading CFG files, downloading CFG files, online configuration changes and other online features.   Because it uses TCP/IP, users may use the Internet as a means of maintaining distant plant sites from engineering centers.

  Typical RCAD topology showing multiple clients connecting to a single CIU

The RCAD Server in Action

What does the RCAD Server do?

Besides allowing users to communicate to the Infi-90 DCS, the RCAD server also provides the following benefits:

1.  Built in firewall to restrict unwanted users from trying to gain access to the DCS.

2.  Permits sharing a single Computer Interface Unit (CIU, ICI etc.)

3.  Automatic module arbitration to permit only 1 person at a time to write to a module.

4.  Provides up to 10,000 blocks of monitoring cache.  Monitoring requests by clients are instantly returned to the client resulting in faster software use.