Reverse Engineering Services

We are the only company in the world with software which can Reverse Engineer CAD drawings from module CFG files!

Our patented Reverse Engineering services have saved our clients many frustrating hours to provide them with documentation where there was previously none to be found. 

Key Benefits

  • Removes the burden of maintaining massive amounts of documentation.
  • Every Module we service, we guarantee 100% verification.
  • 100% compilation error free.
  • 100% cross reference error free across the entire loop.
  • Results are emailed directly to your desktop.


Beneficial Capabilities 

SLC01-02 Modules

Great for documenting numerous SLC01-02 modules that ship from vendor with prefabricated or custom configurations.

Previously Un-Documented Modules

Modules at your plant site that have never been documented can now be brought up to date easily.

Assist in maintaining and tuning your plant site

Having a perfect set of programming documentation can greatly assist your daily routine of tuning loops and checking for plant alarms.

Reference Accounts

Virginia Power Inc.   Richmond, Virginia.  USA.
(Now Dominion Utilities)

Prior to the use of our services, Virginia Power Inc. had documentation for all their Infi-90 equipment (numerous plant sites) but the documentation was old and used Auto-CAD drawings.  These drawings could not be verified for accuracy using any automated software as they could not be compiled, cross referenced or verified.  After using our services, ALL their documentation is now up to date and in Wintools format and verified correctly 100%.   Since then client has successfully moved their documentation to Composer error free.

Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska.  USA

Two small remote systems used for monitoring were brought up to date in just 2 days.  Previous documentation did not exist.  Our services helped this client reach their project deadlines for updating in time.


Indeck Maine Energy,  Jonesboro and West Enfield, Maine.  USA.

Two medium sized project done for ABB Inc. which were previously not documented are now completely documented.  Complete programming documentation for combustion and burner management are now running on site.

ABB India Ltd.

Our Largest Single project to date.  47 fully loaded MFC03 and MFC04 modules needed to be Reverse Engineered for use at a client site wishing to use Composer.  We were contracted to do this work and accomplished it in 5 months.  This project saved the client years of manual work resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in Engineering Hours.
We even undercut ABB India and enabled them to profit from our work.

Samples of our work:

Here are some samples in PDF Format from one of our Reverse Engineering projects:


Analog Input Slave

Sample 1

Digital Input Slave

Sample 2

PID Loop

Sample 3


Sample 4